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PepperFry Noodle containers (By the way, I don’t like Pepperfry for their return policies. They don’t accept a return if there is no defect and you simply did not like what you received, I can’t change them, so I stopped using them this was bought long time ago) :


22 Great Tips & Habits : Get that Clean and Organized Kitchen now !

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In this video, I am sharing few habits to keep your kitchen sparkling clean and organised. Some of you must be already following these routines. These tips are not any hidden secrets but daily cleaning habits which I follow with discipline.

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heya.. sharing this bathroom organisation videos. I hope this video will help u in organising your bathroom too. if u like it pls like this video, share with your friends and family and subscribe to my channel.



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I am back with another organization video!! Organize with me today as I use amazing and affordable IKEA products to better organize my home! I show you everything I found at IKEA for organizing and how I organize with them around my home! I hope this video gives you some great ideas for your home and motivates you to get your spaces organized!! Enjoy 🙂


DIY Bathroom Organization & Storage Ideas You’ll Love

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DIY Bathroom Organization & Storage Ideas You’ll Love. You spend a lot of your life in the bathroom. So why not turn it into an oasis of organization and smart storage? Whether you’re arranging a spacious master bathroom or looking for ideas for small bathrooms, you can achieve an elegant bathroom today with these easy organization tips and DIY storage hacks!

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This video is all about how you can store your vegetables for longer period of time. Chopping and storing vegetables will help working women save time and also for home maker can spend more time as this way preparing meals becomes easy.

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Hello Friends! In this video I have shown how to organize a small Indian closet/almirah. A lot of us struggle to keep everything in one single closet due to space constraint and it becomes a challenge to keep it organised and functional on everyday basis. But with few simple ideas you can make your space not only organised but beautiful too.


How to Organize: The Fridge

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From one trip to the grocery store to a party of leftovers, the refrigerator can easily become the most overstuffed space in the house. Sara Lynn shares simple tips, tricks and shortcuts designed to keep food fresh and your fridge organized.


6 Steps to Declutter Your Kitchen

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There is something entirely refreshing and life-giving about a clean, uncluttered kitchen counter. In fact, it is one of my favorite benefits of a minimalist lifestyle. It sets tone and culture for the home. It communicates calm and order.


Bathroom Organization – Bathroom Storage Tips

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Hello friends! This video is on bathroom organization. A decorated and organized bathroom with stocked essentials is a big asset. Its helps to go through the routine of getting ready with so much ease and relaxation. In this video I have shown you how I have kept my main bathroom organized.