Home Tour : An Elegant 3600 sq ft Apartment in Pune, by Rajesh Ranka

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Presenting a recently completed 3600 sq ft contemporary home in Pune. The space was designed from scratch according to clients needs. The space has a clear palette and clean lines. In keeping with today’s lifestyles, it is designed to be functional—but warmer than the Modern style. The kitchen and the dining lie a huge alley opening into a terrace which enhances the space.

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Best Houses Australia showcases, another stunning masterpiece by the famous Architect, Chris Clout, one our favourite Architects !  This one is white, sleek and those ocean views are something to die for.

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MD Apartment, located centrally in Ahmedabad, is the house of a designer, designed to meet his specific requirements. Originally a two bedroom apartment, it has been converted into a Studio.

Stripping the space bare was the first stage of design. This meant removing all the partition walls, existing toilets, the kitchen and even the flooring. There was a conscious decision of making a space that was minimal and at the same time, tactile.

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Many locals leave their Kerala hometowns sporadically every year, and migrate to the Middle East in search of better career opportunities, only visiting their hometowns during annual vacations. Ranjith and Renu, a couple based in Dubai where traditions and cultures are poles apart from South India, wanted to pass on their values to their children, Jay and Nanda. 


The very impressive, Aarcity Sky Villas, at Noida !

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More and more people are opting for classy housing developments a little outside the national capital region. Aarcity Sky villas in Noida Extension has come up with uniquely designed villas that offer you high levels of luxury. We bring you the best of classy elegance at prices that aren’t exorbitant at all, so everyone has the opportunity to purchase their dream homes with us.


Extreme Homes : We just love this Bond Style Villa!

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A hideaway cool enough for a secret agent hidden high up amongst the clouds above Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Footage from the 2012 television show, “Extreme Homes”.


Feng Shui Tips: The 3 Most Important Areas of a Home!

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In Feng Shui, as in life, certain factors or areas must take priority over others. In Feng Shui, the three most important areas of a home or apartment are the main door, the kitchen and the bedroom.

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BBC, Xiamen people, retired at the age of 35. Because of his moderate mysophobia, he has “nothing” in his apartment except for a few pieces of furniture and 87 ㎡ of storage space. As a digital product zealot, he programmed 6 touch panel which makes it possible for him to control all lights, curtains and appliances with a simple call “hey siri”. Even his pet dog is electronic.

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Own the quintessential 45th full floor penthouse in what is considered by many to be Dubai’s most prestigious address, the awe-inspiring Le Rêve. This architectural work of art boasts 13,400 square feet of interior space and over 800 square feet of sky terrace.

Source: Anthony Chua

Beautiful Homes In Serangoon Garden Singapore SOLD by – Anthony Chua 97676028 DTZ

Perched above a Norwegian river, the Villa Hexagon is a Brutalist beauty. The forest fortress is housed in a six-sided concrete shell with its cement surface is left exposed on the interior. Its monolithic appearance is softened by warm wood cladding and oak floors. A series of angular windows continue the geometric theme, framing in views of the surrounding trees and filtering in natural light. Wrapping around the exterior, an outdoor terrace affords views across an old industrial area, the passing river, and the city of Kristians and in the distance.

Sited on a bank overlooking Chile’s Rapel Lake, the Slope House is inspired by its slanted plot. The dwelling is made form a series of stacked, rectilinear volumes. Staggered in placement for minimal disruption to the land, the exterior follows the property’s gradient and descends down to the edge of the water. Pine cladding and steel framing complement the wooded hillside, blending it into the landscape.